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Richard A. Abrams

Richard A. Abrams

Attorney at Law

Chances are, if you're need of litigation attorney (or any attorney at all), you are probably going through a difficult time in your or your business's life and don't have a lot of time to deal with a lengthy court process. As a result, I strive to work closely with each of my clients to provide them with a favorable result in the end. You won't have to worry about me charging you needlessly with processes that aren't necessary; I use your and my time wisely so you know a solution will be just around the corner. Schedule a free consultation today. I serve those throughout the St. Louis area, including the counties of St. Charles, Franklin, and Jefferson.


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I Use My Knowledge of the Law…

Since 1977, I have guided countless clients through their complex legal matters. From landlords having issues with evicting or collecting debt from a tenant to general real estate and commercial litigation matters, I have acquired valuable insight into these areas of the law that will be a great resource for you to use on your case. When you hire an attorney, you need one that is experienced in this sector so you know you'll have a greater chance at a positive result in the end.

…And You Apply It Your Situation

Though I'm heavily experienced with the laws surrounding real estate, business law, and landlord/tenant disputes, only you know what is best for your life, your business, and your circumstances. I'll use my experience to create recommendations to put you in the best situation possible, and you will use those recommendations to make intelligent decisions. Not only am I an attorney, but I am also a business advisor that has a business-oriented mindset that you should take advantage of.

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Protecting Your Business With Strategic Solutions

Throughout St. Louis and the surrounding counties of Jefferson, St. Charles, and Franklin, clients have come to me for sound advice regarding debt collection and contract disputes. If you run or own a business and are faced with tracking down payment from customers, I will be there for you to help you seek what you are owed. I am a skilled debt collection attorney with experience in guiding business owners.

In the middle of debt collection cases is often a breach of contract or financial contract dispute. When someone breaks a contract, they typically believe that payments no longer have to flow, but if it was stated in your contract that those transactions must keep taking place during any given amount of time, you are rightfully owed that money and have a right to pursue it.

As an eviction law attorney, I know the laws and regulations surrounding tenants and their responsibility to finish paying their rent or lease until their contract has ended. If you're a commercial or residential property owner and are trying to collect unpaid rent from a tenant, you need an attorney at your side to ensure you are going through the process correctly and legally so your case doesn't get turned around on you.

For any general real estate or commercial litigation needs, contact my office in St. Louis, Missouri today to schedule a free consultation. I strive to make the process as cost- and time-efficient as possible by answering your calls promptly and always putting your needs and expectations at the forefront of my representation. Call my firm, Richard A Abrams Attorney at Law, now for a free consultation.