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Real Estate Litigation Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Trouble Buying or Selling Property?

Hire Richard Abrams for Real Estate Litigation in St. Louis, MO

Richard A Abrams Attorney At Law handles residential and commercial real estate litigation in St. Louis, MO. If you're buying, selling, or leasing property, Richard Abrams can help you settle real estate disputes in St. Louis, Missouri or the surrounding area.

Facing a Dispute with Real Estate?

When Do You Need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Buying or selling property can be stressful. It's more than just sending or receiving a check-you have to make sure the building is in good shape, get the appropriate permits, and have the financial details in order. If the purchase of property falls through during closing, you need an attorney who focuses on real estate litigation.

Richard Abrams can also help you with boundary or neighbor disputes. Contact Richard A Abrams Attorney At Law today to learn more about real estate litigation in St. Louis, MO.