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Debt Collection Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Do You Need a Creditor Attorney in St. Louis, MO?

Richard A. Abrams, Attorney at Law Can Collect Unpaid Debts On Your Behalf

When your buyers or tenants ignore your invoices, it has a negative effect on your business's cash flow. You shouldn't have to struggle because of someone else's choices. Work with a collection law firm in St. Louis, MO.

A creditor attorney from Richard A. Abrams, Attorney At Law will pursue every legal avenue to collect the money you're owed. Call 314-408-5915 now to learn more about collection law in Missouri.

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Why Choose a Collection Law Firm Over a Collection Agency?

You've decided to turn your unpaid invoices or broken lease agreement over to a third party for collection. When deciding between a collection agency or Richard A. Abrams, Attorney At Law, consider these factors:

  • Many companies and individuals take a letter from an attorney much more seriously than a call from a collection agency.

  • Our collection law firm offers up-front pricing and fees. You won't have to worry about hidden charges.

  • Our collection law firm can take your case to court if the debtor doesn't respond to collection letters.

Richard A. Abrams, Attorney At Law has practiced collection law in the St. Louis, MO area for over 40 years. Discuss your situation with an experienced creditor attorney today.