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As a landlord, you deserve effective legal representation during a landlord-tenant dispute. Richard A Abrams Attorney At Law is a qualified landlord attorney in St. Louis, MO who will work hard to ensure your voice is heard.

Richard Abrams represents individual landlords and property management firms. Call now to make an appointment.

Facing a Dispute with a Tenant?

Protect Your Rights During a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

If you're a landlord in the St. Louis, Missouri area, retain Richard A Abrams Attorney At Law for sound legal counsel. Richard A Abrams will be an invaluable resource if you need to:

  • Repossess your property

  • Collect unpaid rent

  • Draft lease documents

Did one of your tenants accuse you of discrimination? Richard Abrams can also help you prepare a fair housing defense after a discrimination lawsuit. Contact Richard A Abrams Attorney At Law now to schedule a consultation with a seasoned fair housing defense attorney in St. Louis, MO.